FAQ - Designs

Who can represent persons not having their domicile or seat in Poland before the Polish Patent Office?

Persons not having their domicile or seat in Poland may only act when represented by a patent agent.

Who can act as an agent before the Polish Patent Office?

A registered patent agent inscribed on the list held by the Polish Patent Office.

How long does the protection last?

25 years from the filing date.

What data and documents are required when applying for an industrial design registration in Poland?

At the filing date: request to register an industrial design indicating the applicant and defining the subject-matter of the application, including priority claim if any description of the industrial design illustrations and/or samples of a textile fabric. May be provided later: indication of author(s) priority document (translation required if the priority doc. is not in Polish, English, German, French or Russian) declarations (if any) power of attorney filing fees

How many forms of a design may be included in one application?

One application may contain no more than ten forms of an industrial design, unless the said forms taken together constitute a complete set of products.

What may be registered as an industrial design in Poland?

Any new, original and capable of multiple reproduction appearance of a product, consisting in particular in shape, features of the outside surface, colours, lines or ornamentation, constitute an industrial design. Appearance of a product resulting solely of its technical function shall not constitute an industrial design.