Trademark Watching

Trademark Watching is a useful measure to guarantee effective legal protection against potential infringements. The Polish Patent Office, in the course of examining new trademark applications, does not verify whether or not the marks applied for registration are similar to those already registered with earlier priority. Moreover, the Patent Office does not inform the owners of earlier trademarks about filing new applications which may potentially constitute infringement of their earlier rights. Consequently, other entities, in particular competitors, may in practice register trademarks which are similar or merely identical with already registered marks, as registration of a trademark by the Patent Office shall take place automatically if there is no reaction on the part of the owner of an earlier mark within the appropriate term.

How to protect one’s trademarks?

Continuous Watching of new trademark applications protects the earlier right holders against registration of similar or identical marks by competitors. In view of this, we offer our Clients a continuous watching of all new applications which are filed in the Polish Patent Office, EUIPO or  International Registrations filed through WIPO. Our watching service may also cover any new applications in the respective countries worldwide. In the event of discovering a potentially conflicting mark, the Client will immediately be informed about the new application, which our experts consider to be an infringement of the Client’s rights, indicating a specific term for filing a formal opposition in the Patent Office.

What are the benefits of Trademark Watching Service?

  • It allows to prevent registration of identical or similar marks
  • It provides effective legal protection against infringements
  • It is a source of knowledge about applications filed by competitors.
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