New plant varieties

We have the scientific expertise and experience to advise our clients on sophisticated strategies for the protection of their new plant varieties as well as prepare all necessary documents and representation for the filing, maintenance and defense of new plant varieties before the Polish Patent Office, European Patent Office (EPO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and abroad under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). With the assistance of our extensive network of international professional associates, we can also provide the full range of services for our clients’ new plant varieties worldwide. Our services include:

  • preparation and filing of necessary documentation for application and registration of new varieties
  • devising botanical descriptions of new varieties
  • monitoring plant material examinations
  • adherence to deadlines, renewals and payment of official fees
  • oversight and payment of patent annuities to the Polish Patent Office and WIPO
  • recordation of changes in the official registers
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Our experts