Investments in Innovations Forum and PCI Days – our experts share knowledge at the key events

Our experts,  Magdalena Tagowska, Ph. D., head of patent department, and Joanna Piłka, head of trademark and design department, will perform at upcoming events in Poland.

On February 28 in Poznań, the Investments in Innovations Forum takes place – an event organized by the Bomis Foundation, which sets work standards for valuation, advisory and mediation professionals towards private clients, public institutions and other market participants.

During the Forum, Magdalena Tagowska will give a lecture on “How an IP company can help in making decisions to investors and creators – an example of Patpol’s experience”.

The event will also be attended by experts from Grupa Azoty, Rafako, the Research Institute of Innovative Technologies.

On May 15 in Warsaw, during the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector trade fair, PCI Days, Joanna Piłka will perform with a presentation on “The significance of the trademark in the cosmetics industry”.

Magdalena Tagowska, patent attorney and head of the patent department will also present during PCI Days with a presentation titled: “Patenting drugs – what is worth patenting, what are the ways to protect inventions in the pharmaceutical industry?”.

See you at the events!

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