What a trademark is like everyone can see… but, is it so obvious indeed? Part 8 – a hologram

In the previous parts of this series we discussed what a trademark is and we presented its legal definition, focusing on the non-conventional trademarks, such as 3D marks, positional marks, patterns, colors and a few other kinds of marks. One more kind of non-conventional marks to be discussed (apart from the most popular ones, such as word, word-figurative, or figurative marks) is a trademark being a hologram.

A hologram trademark is a mark consisting of holographic elements.

In order to apply for registration of a hologram trademark, it has to be demonstrated in the form of a video file, or a graphic or photographic representation including the views of the mark which are necessary to demonstrate properly its whole holographic effect.

If the mark is presented by means of a video file, for patent offices the acceptable file format is MP4, and its size cannot exceed 50MB.

A video file presenting the mark applied for registration can simply be attached to a digital application, or if the application is filed traditionally in paper form – it has to be attached to it on the appropriate carrier, such as a pendrive, a CD or DVD.


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