What a trademark is like everyone can see… but, is it so obvious indeed? Part 7 – a motion trademark

The information of what a trademark is and what is its legal definition was already presented to the readers in the previous parts of this series.Now the focus will be on one more type of unconventional trademarks (apart from the most common ones, such as word, word-figurative or figurative marks) – namely, a motion trademark.  

A motion trademark is a mark which consists of a particular movement, or a change in the position of elements of the mark, or which turns into such movement or such change of position of elements.

The term ”consists of” means that apart from the movement itself, the mark may also include words, graphic elements or animated characters.

A motion trademark shall be presented in the form of a video file, or by means of a series of sequential still images showing the movement or the change of position. If still images are used to demonstrate the mark, they should be numbered or presented along with a description explaining their sequence.

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