What a trademark is like everyone can see… but, is it so obvious indeed? Part 6 – a multimedia trademark

The general issue of what a trademark is and its legal definition was already discussed in the previous parts of this series. Apart from the most popular trademarks, such as word, word-figurative or figurative marks, and in addition to unconventional marks already discussed – there still remain a few other kinds of marks to be mentioned. This time let’s have a closer look at a multimedia trademark.

A multimedia trademark is a mark being a combination of sound and image, or a mark which transfers itself into such combination of sound and image. Additionally, this kind of mark may also include words or elements graphic.

Upon filing an application for registration of a multimedia trademark, it has to be represented in the form of an audiovisual file showing the combination of the image and sound – the file shall be regarded as a representation of the mark.


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